Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is Essential

If Air Mechanical Services informed you that we could save you money, Increase Indoor air quality, lower environment risk, extending the life of your HVAC Equipment, and increase safety and comfort in your home or facility would you be interested?

That is an example and benefit of a regular HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program.

Now let’s take a closer look at why a Preventive Maintenance Program is a wise and worthwhile investment.

1. Save Money

Here are few ways preventive maintenance benefits your bottom line.

· Reduces costly breakdowns

· Reduces energy consumption

· Reduces production downtime

· Extend the life of your HVAC system

· Stay protected under warranty

Regular HVAC maintenance is said to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%. Chances are you wouldn’t drive your car for 60,000 miles without getting an oil change; you’d be asking for trouble. This analogy holds true for your HVAC system.

Reduce Energy Consumption: Preventive maintenance helps ensure that your HVAC system runs at designed peak efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy you could see a savings of up to 30% on your energy bill by performing routine preventive maintenance.

Reduce Production Downtime: Has your HVAC System stopped cooling in the summer or stopped heating during the winter due to dirty filters or a broken belt? It may happen during a special event or during a plant production shift. This is just one example of how a routine Preventive Maintenance Program could reduce this downtime.

Extend the Life of you HVAC System: Routine maintenance extends the life of your HVAC system, reducing and prolonging the likelihood of major component failure and HVAC equipment replacement. This analogy is you don’t wait till your 60 to go to the Dr. you schedule annual checkups to help us humans live longer. Schedule your evaluation with Air Mechanical Services today.

Stay protected under warranty: It’s important to be aware that most HVAC manufacturers require proof of annual maintenance when a repair claim is submitted under warranty. Some of the components that make your HVAC system work are very costly to replace. Investing in a Preventive Maintenance Program is a good way to fulfill the equipment owners warranty obligation.

2. Increase your Indoor Air Quality

The EPA reports that indoor levels of airborne pollutants may be 2-5 times higher (in extreme cases more than 100 times higher) than outdoor levels. This is particularly significant if you or any family members suffer from respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma.

Though we are not aware of it day to day, we share our homes with a variety of substances that can be harmful to your health. These common indoor allergens range from ordinary household dust that can contain dozens of respiratory issues to pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke, pollen, and mold.

Replacing your Air Filters on regular basis helps ensure that the warm or cold air flowing through your ductwork and vents is clean and well-filtered. If a musty odor, has you concerned about mold, it may be time to consider having the air ducts professionally cleaned. These are just a few examples why it is important to have a Preventive Maintenance Program in place.

3. Improve Your Comfort

Your Home or Business relies on the HVAC system to keep you comfortable year around. Preventive Maintenance Program is one way to ensure proper air distribution, air quality, and reduce the frustrating moment when your HVAC unit is making an odd noise or a smells that will disrupts your quality of life or work environment.

4. Keep Your Home or Business Safer

You’ve heard the horror stories. Someone you know went away during the holidays and returned to find a frozen, severely damaged home or business. If you’re away and your heat stops working during a cold snap the result can be a domino effect of frozen or burst pipes, water damage and worse. The cost of repairs in this situation can be incredibly steep.

Preventive Maintenance Program can also help safeguard you and your home or business against the risk of carbon monoxide – the colorless, odorless gas whose effects can be deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control, exposure to even low levels of carbon monoxide can cause serious health issues.

The most common cause of a carbon monoxide leaks is a cracked or failed heat exchanger. A Preventive Maintenance Program would include a carbon monoxide test that would detect any potential hazard. Your HVAC professional can also talk to you about the benefits of installing a carbon monoxide detector.

5. Help the Environment

For those concerned about their green footprint, keep in mind that a well-maintained HVAC system consumes considerably less fuel – and that’s good for the planet.

It is very important to be aware what kind of refrigerant is used in your HVAC system. The EPA has been working to phase out substances that harm the environment. All HVAC technicians handling controlled refrigerant are required to have EPA Section 608 Certification and can help you understand what type of refrigerant is in your system, what impact it has on the environment, and what options you have to retrofit or upgrade your HVAC system.

6. Give Yourself a Greater Peace of Mind

Investing in a Preventive Maintenance Program gives you the peace of mind, comfort, and understanding of the items we touched on above. If you HVAC system fails you were proactive in reducing the situation and making it as painless as possible.

Air Mechanical Services will evaluate your HVAC System and present you with a Preventive Maintenance Plan that fits your Home or Business needs.

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